WhatsTrade (Major Project)

Im unofficially graduated from Temasek Polytechnic right now. Three years just passed like this. Today, Im going to share with you all on my major project WhatsTrade. A group of 4 (Jing Yuan , Michael , Joyce and myself) completed the entire project of an online forex classroom with its main core features of e-learning, risk analysis and a full fledged trading platform. Previously, it was hosted on our domain, www.whatstrade.com. for showcase. However, it was taken down due to insufficient budget and availability. We are also proud to say that our project is shortlisted as one of the project groups in the annual IT Project Show 2013.

Let me present to you, WhatsTrade.

Clearly seen, this is our home page with a image slider of all our functionality.

We also have Twitter stream to stream in all the latest tweets in our Twitter account in our home page.

Once you are registered with WhatsTrade, you will be accessing to more functions than a guest. There will be a interface guide at the home page for new users to get used to the web.

Next to our core features:

1. Education Learning

Before you start trading in the forex market, we always recommend you to go through our interactive e-learning materials to gain more knowledge and tips on FX. Well, it is always good before you head down to the real thing. Nevertheless, it is designed interactively without boring our users.

2. Risk Analysis

Sadly to say, FX isn't for anyone. It is risky as the values fluctuates every second. Therefore, we included a risk analysis page for users to know their risk tolerance level before venturing into the FX market. Likewise, if user is not suitable to trade in FX, the analysis will inform user that he is not recommended to trade in FX and may proceed on to least risky financial products such as stocks or bonds.

3. Trading Platform

The trading platform is our main core feature which all the values are real time in the market. Currently, the trading platform only focuses on the main currencies only due to some constraints. It works exactly the same as the real platform selling outside but the only difference is that it does not involves real money and solely for education purpose.

What is FX without charts, thanks to our sponsor partners, we also features charts in the site to help traders' with their decisions.

Our updated news column for traders to keep track on what is going on in the finance industry.

4. Forum

We also include a forum in the web for our community to share tips and tricks to trade in FX.

Well, that's about it for my major project. Of course, there are still more functionality in the trading platform itself. What is described above is a glimpse of our project. ;) So glad that we complete it with glory that earns us much recognition. All thanks to our one and only programmer, Michael!

If you would like to engage Michael as your web designer/programmer, do leave a comment in the comment box below! I will get back to you shortly. :)



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