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If you don't already know, Candy Crush Saga had been a new hit in town since the past 2 months and it is still quite happening now too. In short, let's name Candy Crush Saga = CC. It is a game adopted exactly from the old time favourite : Bejeweled. I couldn't help to link both games together as they are really similar. 

So, we came to the question where how is it different and why does it make everyone addicted as if it had been a need in their daily routine? Having said so, does the question posed reminds of yourself? If yes, welcome to TEAM CC!

Well, let me further elaborate how does CC maintains its charm that could tie down many people hearts LONG enough to create a history in App Store ranking. I had been seeing CC in the top charts for very long and that's not all. They got famous by the mouth, Person A asks Person B to start playing and when Person B got addicted as well, it spread all the way XYZ people. Amazing huh. 


It is available on App Store , Google Play and your computer which is obviously linked to FB for every devices. You need not be afraid that you may back track to the previous levels as it will all be synced to your FB account with a reliable Internet connection of course? With so many alternatives to play on, you cannot possibly give an excuse of ' I got to start all over AGAIN' like many other games. Pop, here you go, Reason number 1.

Reason #2
CC has many patterns, style and combination which can make you fall even deeper being attached with it. 

Their beans all shaped differently in many different colours. If you swiped a bean that causes the same 4 kind to pop at the same time, you will get a diagonal or horizontal strips bean that would clear the entire line of beans according to the pattern. That is not all, they also have the candy which is a bomb in the game , donut (the colourful disco ball), fishes , pink donut? and many more. They have plenty of EXTRAS to help you to carry on with the game. If you are playing on your computer, you will have even more EXTRAS. Good right! 

They have different style map every level so you won't get bored of it. There are fruits, boxes, chocolates, square wired coils and many other obstacles to stop you for winning. (so that you will continue playing, irony?)

Going back to the first paragraph, it would be really fun if you could switch different patterns of jellies together right ! Let me give you a very realistic example. 

Powerful x Powerful = Powerful²

Haha, yah. It somehow work like this.

Reason #3
If you are a frequent player of CC, I bet you will hear other CC player asking ' What's your level already? ' and so you reply ' XXX level' and the counter party will go  ' So fast ! I still stuck at XXX level'. Haha, this is the standard scenario. My point is you will get to compete with your friends that will also be the motivation to push you even harder to play more. True? 

That's all from me! Hope you like it. Hehe ^^



Edward said…
Oh my... At first it was just a something I just want to try on my long train rides. Turns out I am an addict already!
Joey Kayvern said…
Haha, yeah! It is very addictive. My mum almost complete the entire map already!

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