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Hi guys,

I had recently attended a food tasting session with the very well known Eighteen Chefs @ Cathay Cineleisure cordially invited by OpenRice Sg. If you happen to live in the east of Singapore, you never will miss out this funky dining place in Simei for the past years. They had been operating in Simei East Point Mall before the whole mall closed for renovation for 2 years. Not to worry as Chef Benny will be back at Simei after the renovation. Does it call for a party now? I'm sure to revisit the Simei branch when it reopens.

Chef Benny is the Director of Eighteen Chefs if you don't already know. He is also the founder to be more precise. Chef Benny may look a little stern but when you have the chance to speak to him, he is a really fun and jovial person. I did and had a great time chatting with Chef Benny. :)

Here is an individual photo with Chef Benny!
We were really lucky to have Chef Benny personally sharing the idea behind the kitchen layout. The kitchen was in a long rectangular shape but everything was really organized and neat. Impressive in such a small kitchen! Chef Benny also mentioned when the staffs are preparing the special 64 degree egg, it will be served 64 degree to your table. The rest which are not up to standard will not be serve to customers at all. Thumbs up for professionalism ?

Not knowing how to cook ? Not to worry as you can Be Your Own Chef at Eighteen Chefs! Eighteen Chefs also have students privileges for us to have a good meal without burning a big hole in our pocket. Thank you, Eighteen Chefs! You couldn't find any price that is lower in the town like Eighteen Chefs.

Getting awed already? Let's proceed with the dishes now!

First up, we began with a starter, the French Loaf With Roasted Garlic Confit ($4.80), the french loaf was well toasted which left me vivid impression that I could hear the chuckle of the crispness when I bite onto it. It was served with Roasted Garlic Confit to set a deeper impression. The combination was nevertheless Perfect.

Then, we have the dish which is on the top of the board in the restaurant. The Heart Attack Fried Rice (for 2) at only $28.80. 400 grams of New York strip served with a butter garlic fried rice could make your heart jumps. That is also the reason why it is named 'Heart Attack Fried Rice'. The beef was chilled not frozen, cooked in medium heat served hot makes it all unforgettable. It was really juicy and scrumptious.

The sauce accompanying the dish was unique. It was a combination of many different ingredients and one of it I couldn't forget will be Peanut Butter.It tastes really good and special.

Last but not least, we also had the 64 degree egg. Do take it in a gulp to taste it's richness.

Let's move on to Desserts,

Peanut Butter with Condensed Milk Toast ($3.80)
Black Beauty ($4.90)
Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle ($7.50)
Just Chocolate in a Jar ($5.90)

Amongst all the dessert I tried, Black Beauty was the best. The brownie was served warm and which tasted the best when served. Smooth texture which makes it irresistible. Applaud for the amazing wide range of desserts available at Eighteen Chefs! (:

Overall, Eighteen Chefs is situated in the central now which makes it even convenient for anybody to meet up now. The price ranges from $6.40 (student meal) to $30 for a main which can keep you satisfied and full for a meal. It is definitely the best place for gathering yet. Good food for good people, you tried it yet? Do remember to call to make a reservation to avoid disappointments! Oh, the heart attack fried rice is a must to order. ;)

Eighteen Chefs
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 
8 Grange Rd #04-02, 
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6736 3800

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eighteen-Chefs/172058965025


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