Jing Yuan's Birthday Celebration (Pre-post)

Happy 20th Birthday , Jing Yuan! (:
I really hope to spend every single birthday with you from now.

We had a great time together celebrating his birthday this year which I will soon be blogging about too! :>

Places that we visit:
  1. Tulipmania @ Flower Dome
  2. Eighteen Chefs
  3. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ NSRCC Changi
  4. Todai International Buffet @ MBS
Do stay tune as I am also planning a giveaway coming up in June! (: If you can, subscribe to my blog with the gadget at the right side bar to get the latest update!

If you had noticed, the banner features jy all the way from young to now. It was created using an iPhone app named 'Cute Avatar' and I merged all of them using Photoshop Cs 5. Really thankful for the app cuz' I really can't draw. ): I custom made the design to be printed on a mug as his birthday gift! (: He is a happy boy now. ♥



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