RWS S.E.A. Aquarium, Happy 1st Anniversary Part 3

I can finally show you shots of fishes here in this post. We took a total of about 450 pictures in the Aquarium and because of the repetitive flashes my camera died at the end of the day. This had never happened before but i am really pleased with the photos that day. :)

Apart from the horrendous crowd, there is nothing much to grumble about. Let me bring you through the pictures section by section. I learn quite a number of new stuffs there too. It is pretty much close to #whatthef facts.

Welcome to the S.E.A Aquarium 2013!

#whattheffacts 1

!! End of the first section in Aquarium

Can you spot the mud fish in the above picture ?
This is me with flash and without. Haha, I must say it is really funny when b took these photos. He was like:
b: the without flash photo can't see you.
b: Let me on the flash
b: Okay, now I can't see the fishes
Haha, so cute.


This is really interesting! Can you spot a fish in the above photo? It can camouflage so well! Amazed.
Seahorses, they are so beautiful!

These are little babies inside the shell eggs! I am really amazed. I never seen it anywhere before. Look carefully, these little creatures are inside waiting to be out! (:
#whattheffacts 2

We had reached the first checkpoint of the Aquarium. The gigantic pool round of aquarium that contains many beautiful and colourful fishes. Everyone wants a picture there and so do I!

We do not have somebody to help us take a photo so we have to capture it ourselves ):

That's the end of the first post in Aquarium! It will be divided into three posts because there are a lot of photos I want to show you! We took 450 photos there at the Aquarium but I had reduced them to an approximately of 160 photos. I am thinking of an online photo book, any suggestions ?  (:

The links for other posts will be below! (:



Edward said…
Your camera seriously does wonders! I took the same picture of the circular tank with loads of fish and it just dont look as good as yours!
Joey Kayvern said…
hehe, thank you! ^^ i spent a lot of time editing the photos too. How's your new camera coming? (:

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