RWS S.E.A. Aquarium, Happy 1st Anniversary Part 4

I am back again for the beautiful Aquarium pictures. (: This will be the last second post on the Aquarium before you get sick of it. However, all these beautiful creatures are worth the wait okay? So, please stay tune!

If you have been to the Aquarium, this will be the classic stingray photo you have to capture. It is too cute for you not to miss it. Wait for right moment, and here you go. Aww~ this cute little stingray.
Then, I spotted the Spotted Garden Eel which makes me go Ewwwwwwww. These creatures are like worms but aint worms. 'This species excludes lots of mucus from its skin which cements sand grains together and stabilises its burrow.' I didn't know that mucus can be so powerful.

Right after that we came to the center of attraction in the Aquarium, the one that catches everybody attention almost instantly. No one can miss this one out because it is always jammed up with a lot of people at anytime. However, I must say that their home is fascinating? (see picture below)
Here I present to you, the beauties, Dolphin!
So elegant which makes every one wants a picture of you before heading home.

Now, let me present to you the macho guy! Haha, no lah.
The fierce shark.
That stare can makes us all run away ):

Do you mean you can live up to 100 years, Mr Giant Spider Crab ?!

The giant octopus, it is really funny how he wants to get our attention. He was lying against the rock in an opposite direction which makes it hard for us to look for him initially. This photo is tilted 180 degree to get him facing us. Look at his huge head!

We parted to search for Jellyfish! Indeed, very beautiful.

I had captured the movements of the jellyfish and transform it into a gif image for you guys. It is really beautiful.

Till here, we are almost done with the Aquarium already. We are at the platform with an enormous tank for us to sit and watch these marine creatures swimming around. It is definitely a pleasant sight and a place to rest your tired legs. There are not seats available here though, we have to make do with sitting on the platform/floor.

Awaits for the last part in the next post! If you haven't, make sure to head down before 31st May to get a 15% discount off regular prices with posb/dbs cards! Don't miss the great deal (:

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