The Art of Brick Exhibition at Art Science Museum Part 2

I shared many amazing photos made by Lego and Lego only in the previous post. If you have not read it, click here!

I do not want to share a lot of photos on the exhibition here cuz' you have to experience it for yourself for being there. It is way too amazing and the photos couldn't bring any justice to these artifacts.

The Lego are pieced piece by piece painstakingly in order to achieve the finishing product.

" Nathan Sawaya creates masterpieces that transform the beloved LEGO brick into art. The Art of the Brick at ArtScience Museum is the first major museum exhibition to use the popular toy as the sole art medium. Featuring the largest collection of Sawaya's work ever displayed, highlights include 6-meter long T-rex dinosaur skeleton, the iconic sculpture Yellow, and - to be unveiled for the first time - a sculpture of ArtScience Museum. "

Here's a quote retrieved from the brochure of The Art of the Brick exhibition. I am starting to grow a liking to go for exhibitions in the hometown. It all started with the Singapore Garden Festival last year. The flowers were amazing, so interactive and almost you could just have a conversation with them. Ok, what I really mean is that they are one of a beauty. Many beauties in fact. You can also view the post here.

Well, I will still show you guys the highlight of the exhibition. :)

This will be the start of the third division and hopefully I can complete the whole journey within 3 blog posts or maybe just 4.

Let's get this started!

I especially relate to the above artifact a lot. I think that it really explains how much we have been through when we are down and alone. Everything can be conquered and there will always be door opening for you once more. Don't feel dejected as there is always a way out.

Hi handsome, ;)
Meet Mr Square, Mr Triangle and Mr Circle.
Im really sorry to show you the back of Mr Triangle too. hehe.

My colouful shadows will end the third section from the exhibition. It is really fun and everyone there trying different and amazing poses. Thumbs Up! I wore a kaftan dress that day and that explains why my build look so squarish. hehe.

People Portraits
The forth division displays many self portraits of amazing people. You have no idea how Lego could bring out the features of the human features. It look so real and beautiful. Don't ever underestimate the art of Lego. 

Ending of with the iPad applications photos which you can get to play it when you are at the exhibition. It converts your image to a Lego Piece. B said it look like a low pixel colour image which is also quite true.

Hope you enjoy and stay tune to the next post ;)



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