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ToTT Bistro‏ Food Tasting


I am sorry for the lack of updates recently as I just came back from Taiwan and am diligently editing my pictures for blogging now. Foremost, do check out the June Giveaway at my right panel to win some
goodies for yourself. (:

Special thanks to Openrice Sg and ToTT Bistro for hosting this wonderful food tasting session.

Before the food tasting commence, b and I had the chance to roam around the store to look at fascinating cooking items. Not long after, we were tempted to play around with it. Haha, even the security guard there have to keep us on a look up. boo.

We are already famished now so let's the food tasting session begin!

ESPriT sparkling water for all of us to quench our thirst.

Truffle Fries with Duo Dips - $7.90 (Chef Recommendation)
It wasn't as tasty as I thought it would be but definitely worth the price. It came with duo dips to suit different customers' taste. Well, it was well seasoned and crunchy.

Fish Fingers with Wasabi Mayonnaise - $7.90 (…

Happy 20th Birthday :)

Happy 20th Birthday to myself :')

TP Graduation Day !

Yay! I've finally graduated from Temasek Polytechnic. It is definitely sad to go but it is time to move on already. The guys will be enrolling to National Service while the girls in my class are taking further studies. While typing this, I'm on my way to work and my stomach is grumbling really bad! I need food. :(

Almost all of us attended the yearly graduation ceremony at Temasek Polytechnic. All of us are very excited :) I am so glad my mum took leave and accompany me to school. Hehe. We even had our lunch at Itas though it is not the best food place in TP? Haha, it is still good lah! 

I am really nervous when I am up on the stage. The moment when my name is called, I walked forward to receive my diploma. It is one of the best moments in life. With this diploma, I can even start a full time job already but no a degree would be much better so I got to continue to work even harder! :> 
It is time for some photos with our graduation gown before leaving the school. Well, the …

Liese Hair Products Review

I am back for another review! :) thanks to Ek Media and Liese , I am able to style my hair like this. Most of the time I did not style my hair when Im out. :( It is because I always woke up late and have to rush out of house very much after I wash up. 
With the help of Liese hair products now, I style my hair even more often than before. It is really easy and I love the non stickiness of the product best! It is really amazing. Both my hair and my hand do not feel sticky at all. *super love* The first product I am going to introduce you will be the Free Arrange Hair Spray. Styling is made so easy with Liese.

What I really love about this product is that I do not have flat and boring hair whenever I use this. Scroll down to the bottom to see how I transform my hair using Free Arrange Hair Spray at the end of my hair. :)

Next, it will be the Super Hard Hair Spray.

In my opinion, every girl needs this spray as it really does wonders. Our hairstyle stays even in the wind o…