La Petite Cuisine at Serene Center


As I've already blogged many many posts about the Aquarium, I would still like to continue my 1st Anniversary celebration! :) We did not make plans at a very posh restaurant and instead, we had our dinner at La Petite Cuisine over at Serene Center. It is just a pity that they do not accept reservation so you might or might not have the chance to dine there. Worst come to worst, takeaway would be the best option to savour this economical french cuisine.

Speaking of french cuisine, you will never forget the duck confit. I ordered steak while b try out their duck confit. The whole meal should cost below $50. 

The portion served was disappointing. As seen in the photo, you could easily make comparison between the salad and the steak. However, it was delicious.
The duck confit was good! The meat was tender and chewy. Couldn't express how much we love this dish.

If you are going over for the ambiance, I would not recommend this place. It is located in an old building though clean, it had a weird stench. Nevertheless, the food was great.

Serene Center, 
10 Jalan Serene, 
Singapore 258748 
6314 3173
Thanks to thedessertprince for the recommendation !

That's the end of our 1st anniversary. We had a really fun time together. I really love the present he made for me, so thoughtful and I never thought i would receive such a gift ❤ Thank you, sweetheart.



Edward said…
Glad you enjoy it! So far La Petite has yet to disappoint me yet and I seriously recommend the foie gras too!
Joey Kayvern said…
Hehe, yup! Thank you (:

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