Phuket - Phi Phi Island (Day 2)

I am continuing my Phuket Day 2 today!
If you haven't, Day 1 post is here! (:
When I am in Phuket, whenever I go I see ang mohs. A LOT in fact, more than the locals I feel. They sure love the beautiful sea here. Phuket is nothing more than a place to relax. There are many beaches here and every beach are filled with many people. Take a day off, relax yourself under the sun before heading back to work. (:
We set off at about 8 a.m. Thailand time to Phi Phi Island. There is a coach to pick us up at our hotel. Of course, my dearest mum arranges everything for us! (: I just go down and relax only, so happy! The ride was long, I fall asleep on the coach again. I really couldn't understand why I could easily fall asleep anywhere in Phuket but not in Singapore. Why...

Upon reaching Phi Phi Island, it was filled with people again. There is no beaches that lacks of people, seriously. Haha, yes, filled with many ang mohs in fact. There is a saying about Phuket and it goes ' If you never been to Phi Phi Island, it doesn't counts that you have been to Phuket at all! '. It is a must go to make your way down to Phi Phi Island if you are in Phuket. I urge you to book your trip before hand as there are only ONE ride a day. There are many boats to settle for large amount of people but once it is fully booked, you have to wait for the next day.

No doubt, the scenery is amazing. The sky is so blue, the water so clear, everything is perfect. It took us one hour for us to leave the shore to Phi Phi Island. You guessed it, I fall asleep again. hehe. Everything is perfect except for the weather. It was scorching hot and I am not kidding, even hotter than Singapore. *faints* Luckily, I brought two sunblocks there. Kiasu a bit.

The ride took us to three different places which is like the sub places of Phi Phi Island. I couldn't remember the names of the areas but the tour guide will know and guide you throughout.

We went down to the sea for snorkeling! :) Previously, I tried snorkeling at Adventure Cove which is a bit cheat lah cause not the real sea. Haha, but thank goodness I went Adventure Cove first. hehe. It helps me in managing the big waves in the sea while snorkeling. As you all know in the first post, I went with my mum and my aunt but when it comes to snorkeling, I am the only one down at the sea. They were so scared letting go of the handles of the boat to come down snorkeling. In the end, they went back in. It is definitely not easy to snorkel. You have to first get the hang of it first before you can enjoy. Great experience though! This is me after snorkeling, you can see my face is a lil red from the sea water. ):

I have to say that the people on board are really fun to play with especially the tour guides.  (:

After snorkeling, we were bought to this island to watch monkeys!These monkeys are wild monkeys so we could not play with them if not they will come back and bite us. ): There are a lot of monkeys there though! I scared they gang up against me so I went as far as I could. What I like about the monkey is that, they really take good care of the young. The mummy monkey will carry the baby monkey around with her all the time. So sweet ;)

The tour catered lunch for us at Phi Phi Island. It was filling and delicious. What I really like about Phuket is that they sell cheap magnum ice cream. They are only selling for like 1.60 sgd for all types of magnum ice cream stick. hehe. I ate that for three days in a roll? Too good to be missed!

We were settled down at another island before going back to shore. We had nothing to do so we ordered more food! Surprisingly, the fish is really fresh and sweet.

The prawns was mehhh~

That's it at Phi Phi Island! I really enjoyed myself there. It was such really breathtaking, a break from the hectic life in Singapore.

After cleaning up at the hotel, it is time for massage! We walked over to Jungceylon shopping mall, basement level to get our massage. It is about 12 sgd if I did not remember wrongly! (: It was really good and relaxing. Go try it for yourself if you are planning a trip to Phuket.

We went for dinner after that at a Japanese Restaurant which is located outside of Jungceylon shopping mall. It is so huge that you will not miss it. They have really beautiful Japanese food display outside the shop but the food was so-so. 

Salmon Sashimi
Fried fish

Salmon Sashimi was surprisingly fresh but expensive. The rice wasn't the authentic Japanese rice but the tempura was good. Please don't laugh at me like what my boyfriend did. Who says I cant have Japanese food in Thailand! Haha.

We shopped at the streets before heading back to the hotel. (:
That's the end for the second day.

Watch out this space for the last day of my trip! ^^



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