Phuket, Thailand Trip Day 1 Part 1

Yes! Im finally blogging about my Phuket,Thailand trip.

I have been extremely hardworking these days drafting my blog posts whenever Im free! Whether I'm on the train going back home or waiting for someone, as long as I've got my phone with me, I am blogging! :> So, please stay tune alright?

Just a little background before I start the story of my trip formal. My mum won a pair of tickets to Phuket, Thailand in a shopping mall lucky draw! How lucky right! Plus I never thought one will win in a lucky draw in a shopping mall. The number of people whom participate in the draw is enormous. And that makes your chance tiny tiny small to win the grand prize. Ahem, having said so, my mum managed to win the second prize which is the tickets to Kota Kinabalu.

However, just recently because of the riot in Kota Kinabalu, we decided to forgo the trip. Having said so, our deposit and airport taxes cannot be refunded back to us. After much negotiation with the agency and the airline, SilkAir had decided to change our destination to Phuket, Thailand which is also a much better deal.

Here we are at Phuket! This time my auntie came along with us too. It was just a mere three days two nights trip. Short but enough to take us away from the buzzing city here. Our departing flight is on the 20th of April at 6+ a.m. (I couldn't remember the time correctly though but I remembered I wake up at 4 am to have breakfast with my aunty family at MacDonald, Airport.) There is no way I will wake up so early just for breakfast, sleep is very important to me. hehe.

After which, it is time to flyyyyyy~
Boarding SilkAir to Phuket was pretty pleasant. Although the plane is small, it was still acceptable. The breakfast was disgusting though. I ordered a scrambled egg with potato and that the scrambled egg doesn't taste like eggs. It tastes really bland like disgusting mash up potato. ): The flight was boring, a short 2 hrs flight and I am there collecting my mushrooms every couple of minutes on my iPhone. oh, just for your information, it is called the Mushroom Garden Deluxe. I'm super in love with the mushroom and I think it is really cute. hehe. ^^

Soon, we are at Phuket already! 

I did not manage to catch any sleep on the plane which makes me really sleep when I touched down at Phuket. The airport was really messy and crowded with people. There are many agencies there asking if you wanna book a cab with them to transport you to the hotel. Plenty of them so you need not scared that you can't find your way out of the airport. :) My mum managed to alias with the hotel before the trip and had arranged transport from the airport to our hotel directly. It cost 700 baht which is also approximately $28 in SGD. The trip was around 45 minutes from the airport to the hotel. It really scares me during the ride as the roads there are really messy, bunches of wires hanging down from the lamp post and drivers there do not drive in the lanes! It is so much different when we are in Singapore.

 Hotel: U Sabai Living Hotel
I couldn't take it anymore and I slept during the second part of the trip to the hotel. We were astonished when we arrived at the hotel. No words could simply describe how shocked we are at the moment. The hotel that we are staying doesn't look like a hotel at all. It is more like a hostel or motel. It was very much different from what we say on the web or what we thought it should be like. :O There is a total of 5 levels in the hotel*. One level have an approximate of 4-6 rooms. Their service was not bad though! The hotel room is neat and clean. Fyi, our room is big enough to have a queen size bed and a super single bed for the 3 of us! The toilet was in a long rectangular shape but the flooring type made the toilet look like it is from the 90s~.

After unloading our luggage and washing up in our room, we made our way to the nearest shopping mall before setting out for our city tour.

This is not my hotel but I thought it would be really interesting to show you guys how ferocious the tigers were. Haha.

For their local shopping malls, they are only open at 11 a.m. Lucky for us, there is a enormous shopping mall, Jungceylon shopping mall, next to our hotel. It was build more for tourist sake cuz' the stuffs there are super expensive almost comparable with Singapore. I always think that Thailand stuffs are really cheap when I shopped at Bangkok last year. Sadly to say, it is not so for Phuket. ): The only place we shopped at will be at Big C, the local supermarket. :( I will share what I buy from there the next post. Lol.

Before I moved on, this is my mum. Companion number 1 for Phuket Trip whom is also the one planning the entire trip for us.

Companion number 2! My mum's sister which is also my aunty.

Here is me~

Tourist Shot!

I had ice cream for my entire trip. The magnum ice cream in 7 Eleven only cost $1.60 sgd. How to miss it!

We proceed on with our lunch at the shopping mall food court then to our city tour which will only be shared the next post! (: So, stay tune alright ?

Tom Yum Soup
Chicken Rice?
Pineapple Rice
This is the best in the food court! If you happen to be there, I would certainly recommend this. (:

Fried Ebi

I had a really enjoyable and memorable trip. I do hope I could share these with all of you, stay tune for my exciting trip! See you soon!


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