Phuket, Thailand Trip Day 1 Part 2

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My mum had arranged a half day city tour for us! It seems like a full day tour to me though. We left at 1 from the hotel and back at only 8 p.m. Oh, before i forget , Phuket is one hour earlier than Singapore which means if SG is 8 p.m. , Phuket will be 7 p.m..

The tour guide only have the three of us on board for the city tour which is really good. Hehe, we need not wait for anybody else except for us. For a couple of times, the tour guide have to come in to the mall and chase us saying time is up! He is really nice , he did not chase us out but yet he follow us in the shopping outlet giving us pressure. Haha.

The city tour was good. He brought us around many shopping outlets store but mostly selling souvenirs in Phuket. It is still good lah, I can buy my cute elephant items like the one I posted on my instagram.

We are also guided to their huge temples. It was really big and beautiful. Left our prayers, bought back amazing photos and serenity. All I wish was to have good health for everyone and to score well in university. ;)

Next to the Big Buddha, it was really high up at the top of the hill!

The last destination will be the famous location for sunset at Phuket. It was packed with a lot of people and cars. However, it was one of the best sunset I ever seen. We did not wait for the sunset to set though. Too boring for us already. Haha. This marks the end of my city tour for the first day! I am really satisfied with the tour. The tour guide brought us around Phuket with its famous attraction to know a bit more to widen our knowledge. (:

There is bridal shots there too (:

Finally, we are back to the hotel! We were famished and we settled down at the roadside food stall for some seafood. Here we arrive to the common question, is it hygienic?! Hmms, I wouldn't say it is. There are plenty of flies on the seafood which makes people walk away especially us, Singaporeans. This is also the reason why I only finished up the bbq prawns. HAHA. Extra protection. However, having said it is street stalls, they sell the food very expensive. ): I took their big prawns and it costs sgd 4 for one. I bought 4 which is sgd 16. ): Super expensive lah! I pay a bit more I can go back Singapore have a seafood buffet already. Once and no more. haha.

After dinner, we shopped awhile at the road side as well as Jungceylon shopping mall. I did not manage to buy a lot as I was already very tired. We headed back to the hotel after shopping and prepare for day 2! (:



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