Phuket, Thailand Trip Day 3 (Jungceylon Shopping Mall)


This is the last day of my Phuket trip and I can't wait to get back to Singapore. The standard of living there was bad, things are expensive and I really miss my bed, granny and boyfriend.

My last day of my trip is always reserved for manicure/pedicure. Hehe, I just love to pamper myself with all the services. I went for their manicure spa and pedicure spa which costs a total of 32 sgd which is also not as cheap. ): The manicure lady cut my fresh too. I wasn't really satisfied but what can I do ): Not my hometown and I couldn't understand their language. All I could say will be 'It's okay'.

After that, we went shopping at Jungceylon shopping mall, Big C! Big C is a hypermarket which is very similar to Giant hypermarket in Singapore. They have the cheapest thing there. We did our last minute shopping and rushed for at MK Steamboat Restaurant for lunch. The food was horrible to be called a restaurant. My first and last time here.

I did not buy a lot of things from Phuket. The most ridiculous item I bought from Phuket got to be the toilet cleaner solution. Face palm. It was really cheap and thought we should not waste luggage space so... HAHA.

It is finally time to head back to the hotel and Singapore!

Bye Phuket, see you the next time!
Thanks for the beautiful experience. (:



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