The Art of Brick Exhibition at Art Science Museum Part 3


I did not complete my lego exhibition journey previously. ): Sorry for the long wait and let me bring you through the most anticipated post among the rest. Every division tells a different story and it is getting even more interesting when I moved on. 

This section was lighted up with white lights which makes every artifacts very prominent and captivating. The artifacts here are very grand and depicts something.

Sing : Does it look scary to you? I mean I did not expect the human head to be a music note by itself. However, it is well-displayed and yes it tells a story on its own. No interpretation is needed.

Pencil Fun: Pencil Fun was well interpreted. How a normal wooden pencil could bring the fun out of writing. Moreover, expressing through the medium of  Lego. Writing and drawing is always a part of showing what you want to express to the world. However, with the help of technology now, have you thought to yourself, how long have you not pick a pencil up to draft a post of your day in your diary just like old times? The classic.

This is gorgeous.

It was well pieced and look at the delicate angle at the end of the cover. It is well thought of.

That is the end of the sector. Let's move on to the next !
This next sector I am going to bring you through is a little more scary and creepy. It projects a different illusion from the rest of the exhibition. It is fascinating but at the same it shows how someone struggles to get out the pain of their life. Yet, sometimes we have to throw a fake mask over. The dark side.

That is the end of the dark side. Let's move on next which is also my favourite part ! *squeals*

Presenting the gigantic Tyrannosaurus,

Lego really does create wonders. It is definitely an eye-opener for me. It is well crafted and only one word can describe it. AMAZING.

Art Science Museum, Singapore

That is the end of the exhibition. It is really worth it I feel (: I will definitely go again if it is here in Singapore.
I do hope you enjoy it much as I do !

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