TP Graduation Day !

Yay! I've finally graduated from Temasek Polytechnic. It is definitely sad to go but it is time to move on already. The guys will be enrolling to National Service while the girls in my class are taking further studies. While typing this, I'm on my way to work and my stomach is grumbling really bad! I need food. :(

Almost all of us attended the yearly graduation ceremony at Temasek Polytechnic. All of us are very excited :) I am so glad my mum took leave and accompany me to school. Hehe. We even had our lunch at Itas though it is not the best food place in TP? Haha, it is still good lah! 

I am really nervous when I am up on the stage. The moment when my name is called, I walked forward to receive my diploma. It is one of the best moments in life. With this diploma, I can even start a full time job already but no a degree would be much better so I got to continue to work even harder! :> 

It is time for some photos with our graduation gown before leaving the school. Well, the last memories is always the best.
 Thank you mummy for coming down to school that day. ♥

 Best friend in my poly studies (:

 Me ! (:
 Major Project with JY missing in action. haha.

 Zhi yi! (:
 Half of C263 with Ms Cheng (Course Manager) and Ms How (Careperson) ! (:
 Ms How and I ~ (: My careperson whom really cares a lot for the class.


 With ,
 Me again with my Diploma ! Yay (:

We always have our dinner at Eighteen Chefs over at Simei. It is a little sad that the building have to close down for 2 years for renovation. :( Nevertheless, they had opened a new outlet at Cathay Cineleisure, if you haven't, read my post here! :)

This sums up my graduation day! (: I'm really excited after 3 years of hard work, sleepless night and continuous mugging for exams I finally received my Diploma in Financial Business Informatics. It is definitely not easy to complete a diploma. Having said so, it is not easy to fail your modules too! To my fellow juniors, work harder and next year will be your turn to receive your diploma.

I learn many values and soft skills in TP. I do not think I will have the chance to learn it any places anymore. TP really played a very important role in my life. Not forgetting my beloved class, C263, I can say we worked pretty well together as a class compared to others. Though, there will conflicts along the way, we managed to survive through. Now, it is time to work even harder for university! I can do it ! (:



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