Arthur Newman Movie Review

Arthur Newman Movie


The trailer was well put together providing you a great summary for the movie. Wallace Avery hates his job and decided to pursue his dream job of a golf pro with his new identity – Arthur Newman. Arthur’s road trip brought him and Mike together to explore a brand new journey. They broke into houses and take on the identities of the absent owners which excites the movie even further. Begin to draw connections between both and soon they knew it is all over. The trailer bought up the excitement level up telling you not to miss the movie to find out more. What happen next?


I think the poster manage to speak for itself. ‘If you don’t have a life, get someone else’s’. Looking forward to their new identity and of course their journey of making it happen.  

Finally, let's talk about the movie.

Movie Review:

It is a different genre of movie from what I always watched in theatres. Who knows that Arthur Newman is someone new whom intended to discard his old identity to start afresh? Establishing a whole new identity isn't easy, the memories of the past still lingers and never can be forgotten. His act of feigning death was a success despite being disconnected from his family members.

Along the way of fulfilling his dream to work as a golf pro with his new identity, he met Michaela Fitzgerald, whom he had discovered passing out poolside at a motel. They headed down together to realise Arthur’s dream emerging sparks between themselves. A comical love story battling with their new identity. Will the love blossom?

Did Arthur Newman manage to buy a new identity? Did he make it or did he not?



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