Day 1 : Acnes Creamy Wash


Day 1:
Acnes Creamy Wash

Im so excited to start on a new skincare routine! Today, I will be sharing with you about Acnes Creamy Wash. It is essential for us girls to wash our face at least two times a day to get rid of all the dirt and excess elements of make up on our face that might lead to severe skincare problem. 

Acnes Creamy Wash is suitable for everyday use and I have been diligently using it since I had gotten the product. I feel really refreshed and clean after every wash. It makes me look forward to each and every day too. (:

Definitely have to mention about the Vitamins they contain as it gives many benefits in taking good care of my skin. 

Vitamin C
It allows my skins to be moisturized and leaving my skin soft after every wash. 

Vitamin E
It is an effective anti-oxidant and it helps to keep the elasticity of my skin. As we age, our skin elasticity will not be as firm as we are younger so we have to pump in many of these Vitamin E to allow us to look even younger than before ^^

This cleanser really lives up to its name. It’s really very creamy.

Personally, I will prefer creamy cleanser than those dry liquid ones. It just felt right for me as I love to lather and massage my face during cleanser. How about you? (:

Time to hit the books in school! Remember to cleanse your face after a tiring day in school too. Our skin need to rest especially in hours from 23:00 to 2:00! 



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