Day 3 : Acnes Clear and White Wash


Day 3 :
Acnes Clear and White Wash

The weather getting atrocious lately, the switch between sunshine and rainfall are frequent. My skin has been getting darker and I hate it! *Argh*
Have you heard about a whitening cleanser before? It cleanses your face while produce whitening elements at the same time. It’s like killing two birds in one stone! It is so convenient for a lazy me.

The above image will be the before/after after using the cleanser. This is only after one wash and there is a vivid slight difference already. ^^ The right side looks brighter and smoother yeah? I love the after effect.
Do try it and let me know the results!
p.s Above image is a raw image without any light editing. The light source only comes from my camera flash. (:
See you next time ^^



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