Day 4 : Acnes Powder Toner


Day 4 :
Acnes Powder Toner

I bet some of you girls out there thinks that toner is not important is our skincare regime at all! However, this thought of ours have to change as Toner plays a very important part in our skincare routine.

“Toner returns your skin's pH back to "normal". The optimum pH for skin is 5.5. pH simply means the level of acidity. Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resistant to infection. Too little oil and you have dry skin (which can lead to problems with wrinkles); too much oil and you’ve got an oil slick and probably acne.”

Never belittle Toner ever again! It helps us in balancing our skin’s pH back to normal to gives a clear good skin! (:

Acnes Powder Lotion is slightly different from other toner in the market. It contains of oil absorbing powder to keep face clean and fresh for long hours! (:

That’s the reason why we have to shake the product to allow it to blend it nicely before applying on our face.
It feel really cooling to be applied on my face and definitely I feel REALLY refresh. Not kidding! I can also feel the oil powder absorbing all the excess oil from my face too. I feel so good~ ^^



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