Day 5 : Acnes Sealing Jell


Day 5 :
Acnes Sealing Jell

After a long day at school, I can’t wait for tomorrow to celebrate TGIF! School work had been piling up ever since school started. My complexion has been getting worst without all the proper skincare. ):

I am so glad that I have Acnes sealing jell now (: It contains sulphur which help to unblock pores and promote healing to ensure effective acne treatment. No more pressing and squeezing all the pus out. I know it hurts too. We just have to apply this preferably on our forehead, cheek and jaw to keep the oil secretion under control and help to remove excessive sebum.

Im secretly in love with the mild fragrance, it always makes skincare routine pleasant. (:

It helps to penetrates the pores and prevent formation of acne bacteria
It helps to unblock pores and promote healing
Vitamin E and B6
Its helps in preventing dry and rough skin

After applying for a week, my face feel smoother and acne free! Those acne that have been occurring every now and then had lessened and it is less severe than the past.
I am so glad for this product. Nothing beats having a clear smooth skin. Thank you, Mentholatum.(:



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