Day 6 : Acnes Point Clear


Day 6 : Acnes Point Clear

Oh dear, I’m rushing off for my date later but why does this pimple have to pop up at this time?

Have you girls struck with this situation before? In the past, whenever this happen to me, I will always find ways to cover the ugly pimple to make it less visible. This leads to squeezing and mega cover up with concealer to hide them. However these are all big NO-NOs that you can never consider doing them to your delicate face.

Now I can have Acnes Point Clear to my rescue.

It has a roller tip for easy application. Yay! The best part of this new product would be there will be no dirty fingers touching my skin anymore. There are a million of bacteria lying around and your hands are exposed to the most bacteria due to the handling of things.

Tip: So, never never touch your face with ‘un-clean’ fingers. Always remember to wash your hands before applying anything on your face! Oh, remember to dry them as well with a clean towel :)

Oh dear, what if someday I pressurized over plenty of school assignments and the stubborn pimple choose to pop out on my nose! It’s okay now as I have the Acnes Point Clear :)

Let’s smile and brave through it with Acnes Point Clear. Let’s roll it over ^^

This will be my favourite product in the whole range. It is so small that I could bring it anywhere I go! Just compare it with my NYX lipstick; it just a little taller than the lipstick but it is still very portable. I’m sure you have been to Watson’s and definitely saw those long roll eye products which are impossible to place it in your makeup pouch. Now we have this little cute point clear to help us in tackling those stubborn pimples ^^

Furthermore, when it is rolled over on your face it has a cool sensation that is super soothing. I love it! Plus it has a whitening effect too. Go get them before they start going out of stock. :>



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