Day 7 : Acnes Oil Control Mask


Day 7 :
Acnes Oil Control Mask

Yay! Are you excited for the last day of the routine? How can a full skincare routine without a moisturizing mask? Here we are, introducing the Acnes oil control mask. It comes in a pair in a box to make sure that the masks are well taken care of. (not squashed or deflated!) Well, all the products here are to make us feel confident again ! (:

Let’s call it the three in one mask. Why is that so?
• Oil control
It is pumped up with Witch Hazel Extract and AC Net regulates oil secretion and refines pores. This means that with these elements, our pores will get smaller and healthier. Yipee!

• Moisture Retention

The mask packaging was open intentionally like this in order to show you how much ‘moisture’ that are being absorb in the mask itself.

I can’t wait to let the aloe extract to help retain moisture in my skin. What’s more, it also restores the natural softness and maintains the healthy complexion. Want baby skin? You will never regret trying this!

Last but not least,

• Protection & Repair
As we all know the weather changes rapidly in Singapore but this mask actually help to effectively repair sun damages while promoting metabolism at the same time.

Get your hands on this full range now, shine with total confidence. (:



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