Granny's birthday at Jumbo


Granny's birthday celebration in May every year calls for a huge family gathering over a luxurious dinner. As usual we had our dinner at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Changi NSRCC. This place is fantastic for gathering. Absolutely love the ambiance here.

Jumbo Seafood @ NSRCC
10 Changi Coast Walk
SAFRA Resort
Singapore 499739
Tel: 6552-3435
Fax: 6214-0321

Before we head out, I managed to take some pictures with my birthday girl? Haha, with my graduation gown on. However, after much persuasion, granny still refuse to look at the camera. ):

That's me upclose with my graduation gown. The gown costs us $25 to rent. So expensive!

Here we are at Jumbo @ Changi NSRCC,

Outside of the restaurant,

The food !!! Only manage to capture some of the dishes while waiting for the rest to come. Missed my favorite chilli and black pepper crabs but they were amazing. Slurps. hehe! 


That's baby kimi grumbling because she can't have any food that is served on the table. so cute!

Stay tune to the next post for more baby kimi picture. Hehe.



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