How to make a Minion ? (Despicable Me)

Bello !

Today, Im gonna show you how to make a minion out of clay! :) It is not tough to make one but you definitely need patience. 

I am using jumping clay to construct this mini minion :) 


Step 1: Pick up yellow clay to form the minion body

Step 2: Take a ball of white clay and flatten down to form the shape of the eye

Step 3: Pick up a fair bit of brown clay to form the eye pupil. Then use grey clay to build a thin strip to be placed surrounding the eye.

Step 4: Take note the length of the minion and use blue clay to fix it below. The blue clay should be 1/5 of the minion body. Then attach the blue jumper to the body.

Step 5: Patch in the minion jumper with its sleeves and pocket

Step 6: Use the same yellow clay that you used to build the body to construct the minion's arm. Use black for the fingers.

Step 7: Build the head gear using grey clay around the eye

Step 8: Attach black clay as the jumper attachment to the minion. It seems like the jumper's connector in the picture.

Step 9: Use black clay and form it in a circular shape. Cut the circular shape into half to form the legs. Note that the legs should not be separated but a joint. 

That's it! You can have your minion now! :)

Comment to share with me your creations or simply tag me in your instagram. (@joeykayvern) 

This is what my talented b had done for me for 1st Anniversary! Love it ;)



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