Lotte Koala’s March


Lotte Koala’s March

I love love love munching on snacks and presenting to you Lotte Koala's March snacks today! :> There are 3 different flavours of biscuits which are chocolate, creame and strawberry! My favourite of all will be chocolate. Hehe, huge chocolate lover here. (:

 Lotte Koala’s March ; Chocolate Snack チョコレート
 You will be delighted to see a card for you once you tear the lid away. Collect all the cards now ! (:

Look how much chocolate is infused into the Koala's biscuit. ^^

The Crispy Biscuit 
Lotte Koala's March is a bite-sized crunchy biscuit with Rich, Premium Quality cream filling. Each biscuit is imprinted with a koala character on its surface. There are a total of 365 Koala characters thus far. I haven't seen one similar yet. You could admire how cute the koala are before popping into your mouth! (:

  Lotte Koala’s March ; Creame Snack クリーム
 Another card for collection ! (:


The Delightful Character

The Koala Character born from LOTTE KOALA'S MARCH, is not just any koala character - it carefully retains its image as a character born from a cookie snack. Its aim is to offer those who see this character the simple delight that comes from association with a character drawn on a cookie.

Last but not least, we have

Lotte Koala’s March ; Strawberry Snack ストロベリー

My third card ^^

The Friendly Koala

The Koala Character is more than just a cute representation of KOALA’S MARCH biscuits. It is relaxed, carefree, simple, and peace loving; has a goofy sense of humor; and loves nature and his friends.

Koala’s March Flavors

Delight in Koala’s March’s crispy biscuits filled with your favorite yummy flavors.
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Creamy Milk
* Import from Japan & Thailand / Approved by AVA

You can even turn your cookies into a ball! Just by shaking. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself and share it with me (:

Koala’s March Cherishes Nature and Ecology
In addition to the brightness and cuteness of this character, which endears it to children and adults alike, the koala Character symbolizes a love for the environment - ecology, nature and kindness - when seen in light of the fact that LOTTE contributes to the Australian Koala Foundation.

It is delicious and crunchy. It would be my favourite snacks now~



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