Tulipmania @ Flower Dome Part 1

Greetings !

I can't wait to draft out this post and guess what! I am writing this post on the plane which my location is unknown now. Haha! Anyway, i am heading to Taiwan,Taipei now. It is my first time going to Taiwan and I am really excited. I know i will be doing a lot shopping there but well I couldn't resists the temptation of online shopping and purchased one set of clothes before my flight. What a shopaholic.

I brought b to Tulipmania @ Flower Dome on the 18th May injunction with his 20th birthday! :) Im not too sure if he is excited to catch the flower exhibition but I am !!! Looking through all the posts on Tulipmania on instagram gets me up!

I went on the last third day of closure, it was fantastic. The tulips are well bloom and are really beautiful. I went on a Saturday and the crowd there was horrible. Even so, I still manage to catch and snap all the beautiful flowers down with my camera. :)

We got the tickets for only $10 per person. It was pretty much affordable for an exhibition like this. Did I mention the whole exhibition is ventilated with air condition? :)

When we entered the exhibition, we were greeted by many cacti. It amazed me as they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which you couldn't imagine! Without further ado, let me show you the wonderful pictures.

Tulipmania X Jing Yuan's Birthday

Candid shot, his expression = priceless. haha!

Entrance of Tulipmania @ Flower Dome

This is the weirdest cactus I ever seen. Unique, I have to say.
Flower on the catcus?!

It is interesting but not exactly entertaining... Stay tune to the next post for more vibrant and colourful photos on beautiful flowers. I couldn't get enough of them.



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