Tulipmania @ Flower Dome Part 2

Hello! :) 

As promised, here's the more vibrant post on Tulipmania. The flowers are all very beautiful. If I took up photography lessons, I'm sure that the flowers in the photos will look even beautiful. However, I'm pleased with what I have now too. Hope you guys will enjoy the photos as much as I do. :) 

There will be a total of 3 parts to the Tulipmania blog post. If you missed the first part, click here. :)

Hehe, our signature pose. :)

These white tulips are so soft that they resembles tissues. Not a very good comparison but they do make me feel serene~

That's the end for Part 2! I really enjoy my time there although my feet is getting tired from walking. ): Moreover, I'm with my booties that day which made my feet even more tiring. Having said so, it is all worth it ! The flowers are really beautiful. You will get to see more tulips pictures in Part 3 with the iconic Tulipmania windmill. Hehe, so stay tune. Thank you all for reading :) 



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