Tulipmania @ Flower Dome Part 3


Welcome to the last post of Tulipmania 2013! I hope you enjoyed the last two posts, if you haven't, the links are here:

Well, I can only say Part 3 is the highlight of the entire Tulipmania exhibition. The gorgeous rows of tulips are there to die for. They are beautiful.

This is an exceptional case. haha, poor orange.

We had a hard time asking passersby to help us with the camera. The crowd was really bad and everyone was snatching to go to the front to capture a photo of theirs too. I'm pleased we had a photo too. (:

This is my favourite photo out of all. ♥

I did not put in a lot of descriptions for this post as I really thinks that the flowers (pictures) speak for themselves. The flowers are beautiful and definitely the most captivating flower exhibition I've seen yet.

Tulipmania 2013
Dates: 29 April - 20 May 2013
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Location: Flower Dome*

I hope it will come back next year , bigger and better. (:



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