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Battle Camp Iphone App

Battle Camp
Hello ! (:

I am addicted to this iPhone game : Battle Camp. Not sure if it is available on android phone but I know there are many similar game around. (: Still, I think Battle Camp have the nicest visuals among the others. I am not the one whom started playing Battle Camp though. It's b who got me addicted because he is always playing the game when we are out.

It is so cute that we have to take a photo in Battle Camp together. lol.
Posing for a picture! Haha.

Okay, that's it! Just to let you guys know what I had been playing on my phone. Tests are coming! Im heading back to my books. Wish me luck! (:


Who can be the Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang? It’s all depends on you!

Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang Final Contest

If you have not been following, there is an oncoming Ulzzang contest by Mentholatum Acnes and these participants need YOU to vote to get them to the top! What's more if you vote for them , you can stand a chance to win apair of movie ticketstoo (:

Vote for your favourite Ulzzang at :

During the Contest period (26 Aug - 1st Sept 2013), you can redeem Acnes 3 steps kit sample at ! It always great to give the product a try before buying them right? So, why wait! Go redeem it now and it will be sent to you in your comfort.

Last but not least, want to stand a chance to win polaroid cameras? *Hands up*

Instagram Contest Start FOLLOWING ‘Acnes Medicated Skincare Sg’ on instagram and LIKE their instagram posts. Then POST a close up picture of yourself in best Ulzzang, beautiful and clear skin. UPLOAD it and HASHTAG #MetholatumAcnes #UltimateUlzzang. Last …

Liese’s new Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy Hair Review



I am back to introduce you guys another *loved* product from Liese. Foremost, a big thank you to Ekmedia and Liese for the wonderful product! (: Sorry for the late post but read on to find out more about the Liese’s new Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist !

When I first saw the product, I thought it was portable and cute in a pink packaging specially made for us girls. hehe. I can bring it along when I travel overseas too. (:

What attracted me most is therefreshing raspberry scent, it allows my hair to smell seductively sweet all day long! I never fail to give my hair a spray every morning ever since I had this on my hand. This unique scent is formulated with raspberry extract which gives morning bed hair the invigorating juicy boost of moisture.

Is your hair dull and frizzy like mine when you wake up ? ):

Fret not, it's Liese to the rescue! 

Look how smooth and frizzy-less my hair is! Im so happy ! (:

A recent survey* by Kao has found that 64% of Singaporean women have…

The Wicked Garlic


Last Saturday, I was craving for Isteak Grill house at Serangoon Gardens Way so I requested to have our family dinner there. Despite missing our way, crossing the same traffic lights for four times, we finally found Isteak Grill house!!! I been there before but I'm really bad with directions. That's why :(

Anyway, the price had increased since my last and first visit. However, the food are still delicious and fresh!
There's a new stall : The Wicked Garlic in the same coffee shop. It sounds really cool and they specialises in pasta and pizzas which is one of my favourite! I got to give in and tried one their pasta.
LINGUINI ALLA VONGOLE                                                                                                
Pasta tossed with Asiatic clams, cooked with extra virgin olive oil, White Wine, garlic & parsley
It was a little pricey at $9.70 for this dish but the presentation was really good for a dish in a Coffee shop. It was delicious but I wont …

Short Update XX

Hi guys,

I have not been updating this space as much as before. It is not because i'm lazy. :( I had been revising my school work whenever I got the chance and now Im blogging along the way to tuition through the blogger app.
School started about one month already now and I couldnt get my ass to study consistently unlike the past. Sigh. B had been motivating me to study but he always ended with no pressure in his text. When I'm stressed up, I cant absorb anything which is really bad. There's a online test this week and I haven't touch on it yet. Boo :( Im going to start on the module tmr or as soon as I finished up my Econs learning diary. Very very delayed! As i told b last night, I have to study at 2-4 hours per day so I could have fun in the weekends. Jia You!! 
I will find time to blog soon. More reviews and Taiwan trip post will be coming up! Do follow my instagram for more updates ;) 
❤, Joey

Pasta De Waraku

Hello! (:

This is the last part of my pre birthday celebration. We had dinner at Pasta De Waraku and it's my favourite restaurant for Japanese pasta. They are really good and I love them. They have the yummiest pasta sauce which keeps me coming back for more! 

Salad will be served before your meal and surprisingly they taste really good too. I don't really like salad but the salad here are irresistible.

Scallop and Mushroom with Japanese-style Soup - $16.80
Seafood Miso Carbonara with White Miso Sauce - $17.80
Seafood Miso Carbonara is my favourite dish in the restaurant. White Miso Sauce is the best sauce I ever had which is also the key ingredient that makes me wanna come back for more. Other than that, the ingredients were freshly picked and dishes were served piping hot. Good job! (: The ambiance of the restaurant was quiet and beautiful. I couldn't ask for more. 
♥, joey

Singapore Flyer

Hello (:

This is a continuation of my previous post which is also my birthday pre-celebration. hehe.
B brought me to Singapore Flyer which I requested. I had not been to Singapore Flyer ever since it been a big hoo-ha when it first established. ): Now, I finally get my chance! :)

Their tickets are interesting! It makes me feel like I am going for a plane ride. weee.

Before we board the flyer, we were lead to a mini exhibition on the construction of flyer. It was educational I can say, there were several portions about the dynamics of the Flyer in 3D effects. wow.

To the Flyer now! (:

20th Birthday at Saveur !

Hello! :)

My birthday falls in the month of June and there are many exciting events which makes me really happy :') 
Taiwan Trip ( Mid June ) Birthday Celebration with loves ones :) 
B will be back from Taiwan on my birthday night so we had a pre celebration before our trip! :) 
He brought me to Singapore Flyer which I haven't been before yet. However, Singapore Flyer pictures will be separated into the next post due to the massive number of pictures. 
As for lunch, we went to Savour @ Far East Plaza for some french cuisine. It was yummy. 'Duck Confit' is my favourite :) 

Saveur Pasta Duck Confit Beef Main
After lunch, we proceed to the Singapore Flyer. I am really excited but ... Stay on to the next post to find out more. Hehe :)
Thank you, b (:
♥, joey