Pasta De Waraku

Hello! (:

This is the last part of my pre birthday celebration. We had dinner at Pasta De Waraku and it's my favourite restaurant for Japanese pasta. They are really good and I love them. They have the yummiest pasta sauce which keeps me coming back for more! 

Salad will be served before your meal and surprisingly they taste really good too. I don't really like salad but the salad here are irresistible.

Scallop and Mushroom with Japanese-style Soup - $16.80

Seafood Miso Carbonara with White Miso Sauce - $17.80

Seafood Miso Carbonara is my favourite dish in the restaurant. White Miso Sauce is the best sauce I ever had which is also the key ingredient that makes me wanna come back for more. Other than that, the ingredients were freshly picked and dishes were served piping hot. Good job! (: The ambiance of the restaurant was quiet and beautiful. I couldn't ask for more. 



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