Short Update XX

Hi guys,

I have not been updating this space as much as before. It is not because i'm lazy. :( I had been revising my school work whenever I got the chance and now Im blogging along the way to tuition through the blogger app.

School started about one month already now and I couldnt get my ass to study consistently unlike the past. Sigh. B had been motivating me to study but he always ended with no pressure in his text. When I'm stressed up, I cant absorb anything which is really bad. There's a online test this week and I haven't touch on it yet. Boo :( Im going to start on the module tmr or as soon as I finished up my Econs learning diary. Very very delayed! As i told b last night, I have to study at 2-4 hours per day so I could have fun in the weekends. Jia You!! 

I will find time to blog soon. More reviews and Taiwan trip post will be coming up! Do follow my instagram for more updates ;) 



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