Singapore Flyer

Hello (:

This is a continuation of my previous post which is also my birthday pre-celebration. hehe.
B brought me to Singapore Flyer which I requested. I had not been to Singapore Flyer ever since it been a big hoo-ha when it first established. ): Now, I finally get my chance! :)

Their tickets are interesting! It makes me feel like I am going for a plane ride. weee.

Before we board the flyer, we were lead to a mini exhibition on the construction of flyer. It was educational I can say, there were several portions about the dynamics of the Flyer in 3D effects. wow.

To the Flyer now! (:

Singapore is beautiful but it is very boring up there on the Flyer. I was a little disappointed as there is no 'voice-over' telling us where we are facing when we are in the capsule. I feel that it would be a plus point to tourists whom came over to Singapore to catch the Flyer. Awesome view we have and that's it. The whole ride took around 30 minutes. They say it is the best place for a proposal as the 'bride-to-be' has no place to run and had to stay in the capsule till the ride ends. haha.

Next post will be on my birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant.



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