The Wicked Garlic


Last Saturday, I was craving for Isteak Grill house at Serangoon Gardens Way so I requested to have our family dinner there. Despite missing our way, crossing the same traffic lights for four times, we finally found Isteak Grill house!!! I been there before but I'm really bad with directions. That's why :(

Anyway, the price had increased since my last and first visit. However, the food are still delicious and fresh!

There's a new stall : The Wicked Garlic in the same coffee shop. It sounds really cool and they specialises in pasta and pizzas which is one of my favourite! I got to give in and tried one their pasta.

LINGUINI ALLA VONGOLE                                                                                                
Pasta tossed with Asiatic clams, cooked with extra virgin olive oil,
White Wine, garlic & parsley

It was a little pricey at $9.70 for this dish but the presentation was really good for a dish in a Coffee shop. It was delicious but I wont have this for the second time. I would rather try something else's. I mean which coffee shop will have such a nice presentation, offers french food and at a affordable price than usual!

Serangoon sure have some good food in there. Be back again! :)

The Wicked Garlic, 
HS Eating House (Along Farleigh Avenue), 
56 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555952



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