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Customised Gifts

If you have seen the sneak peak up on my instagram,

You might know what I am talking about! I am sure many of you are wondering what to get for your friend's birthday present for a very long time. Why not try to get him a customised gift? This way, it is unique and special as he/she is the only one that has it.
Having said so, I am sure that many of you are intrigued by the rocket high prices in malls. I am going to introduce you an online store which you can get customised gifts at a fraction of outside prices! 
ESN Marketing & Services Pte Ltd
I gotten myself a stone photo frame and when I see the quality of the photo, Im like wow. It is of really good quality! *ahem, provided you give a good quality picture. You can't blame anyone if you want the photo to be blur right? :) 
 and... Wooden Keychains. It is so pretty and it comes in all shapes and sizes. I hang it on my longchamp bag. Nobody will mistaken my bag is theirs anymore! 
Lastly,  I h…

Taiwan Trip Day 1


I finally have the time to blog about my Taiwan Trip. School work been piling up and that's why I do not have the time to blog. :( Nevertheless, I hope you are still staying tune to my blog post. Hehe. The very first day of Taiwan Trip. We took Tigers airway to Taiwan and this is also my first time going there. I am really excited as I want to go on a shopping spree. However, it was a little disappointing, will elaborate more in Day 3/4.
Taken at Changi Airport!

Taken at Taiwan Tao Yuan Airport!

We took the shuttle bus to our hotel, Rainbow Hotel. It is so much cheaper than taking a cab there and the plus point of the bus that it is really spacious! If I did not remember wrongly, it should cost only $4 for the tickets but we had free tickets from Taiwan Association. Hehe!

At Xi Men Ding,

We took a morning flight and we reached Taiwan at 2pm and by the time we reach the hotel: Rainbow hotel,our schedule are delayed. Rainbow hotel is located at Xi Men Ding, not a v…