Taiwan Trip Day 1


I finally have the time to blog about my Taiwan Trip. School work been piling up and that's why I do not have the time to blog. :( Nevertheless, I hope you are still staying tune to my blog post. Hehe. The very first day of Taiwan Trip. We took Tigers airway to Taiwan and this is also my first time going there. I am really excited as I want to go on a shopping spree. However, it was a little disappointing, will elaborate more in Day 3/4.

Taken at Changi Airport!

Taken at Taiwan Tao Yuan Airport!

We took the shuttle bus to our hotel, Rainbow Hotel. It is so much cheaper than taking a cab there and the plus point of the bus that it is really spacious! If I did not remember wrongly, it should cost only $4 for the tickets but we had free tickets from Taiwan Association. Hehe!

At Xi Men Ding,

We took a morning flight and we reached Taiwan at 2pm and by the time we reach the hotel: Rainbow hotel,our schedule are delayed. Rainbow hotel is located at Xi Men Ding, not a very luxurious hotel but definitely comfortable for a short stay. It is very accessible too. Just opposite the hotel, theres a watsons store which is operating 24 hours! I still remember we shop there like around 12 midnight. Haha. Tip: If you have the time to explore around, do leave watsons the last stop for shopping. The cometic prices are way cheaper than Singapore BUT other parts of Taiwan are even cheaper.  There is also hao da da chicken store? opposite the hotel. Very very convenient :)

Right after we drop our luggage at our hotel, we moved out to shi fen (十分) for some sight seeing and 放天灯 (paper lantern). We left the hotel about 4 and rushed to catch the metro and train to 十分.

It was indeed very rushing but we still opted to take the train there. It took us approximately 2 hours from xi men ding to shi fen but it is very worth it! We get to experience the train ride and the culture of Taiwan. It is also cheaper than taking cab! ^^

Getting our return tickets back to xi men ding before the ticket counter close. Our changing stop will be at Rui Fang.

It is time to write our wishes on our lantern! I still remember my first time writing my wishes on the lantern was using a pen. However, this time I had the chance to complete the lantern with ink. So happy! The 4 of us quickly fill up the whole lantern with many many wishes.

Different colors symbolizes different meanings. For example, the yellow color side stands for wealth. $$$ The owner of the shop will be there to explain to you, so don't worry!
The shop owner is also the one helping us to snap the photos. So pretty! ^^

Light up~
and here we go!
May all our wishes come true. (:

When we reach shi fen, most of the shops are already doing closing but we still manage to shop around a little and buy some sovenirs :)We bought most of the stuffs from the same shop where we lighted up our lantern. I believe that we can find even cheaper souvenir elsewhere but it too late to shop around. The shop owners are really helpful and friendly as well. They gave us tips on where to have our meals and shopping! (:

That's the end of the tour at Shi Fen. (:

Want to know where we had our dinner? We had ours at 7-eleven! Haha, due to time constraint and we are already very hungry so we had to settle for some frozen oven food, still it tasted not bad. I really love their 7-eleven shops. It is so spacious and they even have seats for customers to have a fast meal. Unlike Singapore where some of the 7-eleven shops can only accommodate 3-4 people. boo. ):

That's it for Day 1!
I bought the lantern ear plug from shi fen. Unfortunately, I dropped it and break ): I got to have it next time when Im back in Taiwan! (:

Come back for more taiwan posts :)
Thank you all for reading :)



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