Taiwan Trip Day 2.1

Hello !

This post is on my Taiwan Trip Day 2 Part 1~
Part 1 will be featuring our morning journey to Long Shan Temple and Chiang Kei-Shek Memorial Hall .
Part 2 will be at Taipei 101 and lunch @ Din Tai Feng. So, stay tune okay? :)

Selfie to begin the day yo!

I think Yong-He has the best soya bean at Xi Men Ding but b and his mum differ. I had my breakfast everyday from Yong-He at least for the soya bean drink for my entire drink. It is situated at a corner not far from Rainbow Hotel.

@ Ximen Station Exit 6!

Longshan Temple station is only one stop away from Ximen Station. very convenient!
One of the many hanging statues at Longshan station underground shopping area! Surprisingly, they have quite a number of things there and I managed to bought a pair of flats at only $8 sgd! Very very comfortable too (:

Finally, at Longshan Temple.

The very glaring sun, look at our eyes. hehe.

After which we went to a nearby cafe to get some food before moving to our next destination. Don't get scam by the very pretty cakes here. It does not taste good at all ):

Not nice ):

Next, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.
Again, it is very convenient by train! Only two stops away from Ximen station.

Clear blue sky~

This picture gave me a majestic feel. It is similar to those I always see on television. Never did I know I can see such a beautiful view in real life.

That's the end of my day 2 morning! (:
We went around to Taiwan places of interest. Although the sun is scorching hot, the pictures makes it all worth while.

Stay tune for part 2! (:



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