Soulmate xx

I'm very lost right now. Unlike the usual 'travel' posts, product reviews and daily blog posts, I'm gonna blog about something very personal today. So here I am with my iPhone lying on my bed typing the post out. I really hope that the blogger app dont crash or my phone doesn't go haywire till I finish this blog post. I dont want my effort to go wasted and I do need a space to pour out my sorrows. Hm.

It's mid november now. Soon it will be Christmas! I love christmas. Not exactly very much but yes! It is a public holiday and I used to enjoy because my paternal family used to have gathering (bbqs) over at my ex-place which I moved out 3 years back. These 3 years changed quite a bit which also causes many many problems in my family. I do hope I could organise a Christmas party soon. Christmas is all about everyone getting together right? 

The company i'm working at now are planning for a christmas party! I hope it work out so I can go around caroling. Hahaha, im just kidding. I can't sing. It will sure lift the whole festive mood. Ahhh~

My exams ended late october, i accompanied boyfriend till the 5th november and on the 6th, I started working part-time. Today is the 14th, which is also our monthsary. I miss you! Can't wait to see you on the 22nd :') i really hope you are alright in there. Im very worried. :'(

 His depart for army makes me sad. I confide in him almost everything. Literally everything. Even if im at home, im going to toilet i will let him know too. Just for fun, please dont judge. It's just us. Lol. Right now, im coping well. I think my work kept me busy and by the time I got home, it is time for bed. ( I sleep very early) . 

I miss you , soulmate. 
I'm waiting for you.



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