Taiwan Trip Day 2.2 (Taipei 101)


I'm back blogging on my Taiwan Trip which is in June. hehehe. I know, it's way backdated. ): This is the part 2 of my day 2 tour~

Just a teaser before proceeding to Taipei 101! I am quite surprised to see this toilet indicator outside the toilet to let you know how many occupants are in the cubicles. This is very cool! I ain't sure how is it useful but it is very cool.

We took train and hop on a mini bus (payable) to get to Taipei 101. It is very convenient and easy to get around Taiwan, if you are unsure just ask the passerby there. Taiwanese are very friendly. (:

Up up we go to the observatory area!

Our tickets to the observatory tower! I couldn't remember how much cheaper the tickets will be if it's student price. Still, it cause less than the normal adult price so get your student card if you are still a student! (: Do not lose your tickets until you are done with viewing the tower, you may need the tickets to rent the equipment (optional).

Tip: When arriving at Taiwan Airport, head to the information counter to obtain the free WiFi username and password as well as student card if applicable. (:

The only group picture at the observatory tower. So sad it is blurred. ):

Opps, I wore slipper for the entire trip! There is way too much walking and wearing slipper is the best comfort ever.

Still in the the observatory tower, they have various artifacts on show and every single one is beautiful and delicate.

This is also the way to exit and for our late lunch! By the way we finish touring the observatory tower, it is already 3-4 pm. I can remember vividly as I am very very hungry that time.

So, we had our lunch at Taiwan Din Tai Feng! Always excited to try out and see how is it different from the one we had in Singapore.

Overall, I find it better than the ones we had in Singapore. The service at Taiwan was great, you won't have to worry about not catching the staffs attention.

We left Taipei 101 after lunch and head to Eslite Book Store which is only down the streets. They have many many books in the store. It is divided into different levels for different categories of books! If you are a book lover, you need to head here.

My mum and I wasn't very much a bookworm so we settled down at Agnes Br. Cafe. The drinks were surprisingly good!

That's the end of my Day 2!
Head back to the hotel and have a good rest for Day 3. (:



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