Taiwan Trip Day 3

Here we go, Day 3 of my Taiwan Trip.

Frankly speaking, I was eagerly hoping to return to Singapore during this trip. It is not because of the environment and culture in Taiwan. I love Taiwan! It's because of my companions there. Everyone went Taiwan with different motives and it took us so much to compromise everyone. booho.

I did have a good trip though. (:
Move on!

We had breakfast at the corner of our hotel and still I can't get enough of their soya milk. It was too good.
Just look at how crispy the crepe is! Sad to say it is only available in Taiwan. ):

After breakfast we head down to Wu Fen Pu for shopping! The nearest train station would be Houshanpi (Exit 4). However, we came too early and none of the shops are open. Despite them claiming to be opened at 12pm on the net, they are ONLY fully opened at 3pm. -wastemytime-

We went to the National Palace Museum  before returning back to Wu Fen Pu for shopping again! (which again disappoints, read on to find out why !)

Take note: National Palace Museum closes at 5 p.m. !

I think this is pretty much a candid shot. I do not think that my sis intend to look up to the statue but to hide from the sun to have a clear view of the statue. Still, I find this picture very hilarious. hehe.
Eventually, I got bored of roaming around the museum. I cant wait to go back shopping at Wu Fen Pu!

Since it is still early, we went SoGo shopping mall at Zhong Xiao Fuxing in searching for Hello Kitty Cafe! However, I got the wrong address and have to settle down at the food center in the shopping mall. 

They have a lot of food variety to choose from. Their service is fast and the food were delicious. I love Taiwan food! :)

Chicken soup is a little too oily to begin with... Hm.

Ending with Cold Stone Creamery for dessert! My favourite ice cream shop in Singapore. :) Singapore 's shop did a better job with the presentation and taste! You can get to watch them 'throw' the ice cream into the cup before handling to you! What a show. I don't get to see it in Taiwan though. :(

After lunch, we head back to Wu Fen Pu! I am really excited as it is raved by many people and most of them say that their clothes are wholesaley cheap. 

To my dismay, it was all wrong. The clothes are near to ugly and expensive ($10-$30). I could get the same clothes at Bugis street and even cheaper! What's more, we went down on a Sunday which is also their stock-take day. The whole store was in a mess and the staffs are really not bothered with us. Boo! The heavy rain made it worst. Never will return to Wu Fen Pu again unless I have the extra time. 

At the corner at Wu Fen Pu, 
We stopped by at Formosa Chang for tea break for their famous lu rou fan. It was very tasty and only memorable thing at Wu Fen Pu!
Very very small bowl though! You would need at least 3 bowls to get you full. *not exaggerating*

We went back to Ximending for the night. Red House museum is located at Ximending is a recommended tourist attraction to go! They are selling unique and designer items that no place else have. Limited stocks are available for each item too. (:

That's it for Day 3!

Day 4 will be exciting for Jay Chou fans!
So, keep a look out. (:



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