Taiwan Trip Day 4.1 (Mr. J French- Italian Restaurant)


So, as I mentioned in the previous post, this post is will excites all Jay Chou fans out there! On the Day 4 of our Taiwan Trip, we made our way to Mr. J French- Italian Restaurant for lunch. We had to ask around for directions as the place is a little tricky to find. It is located behind a hospital. Once, you found a hospital there from the main road,, walk towards it and you will be on the right track already. (:

The restaurant theme is bases on the movie : Secret which Jay Chou directs and acts in. Featuring the piano and the table which you will see it later in the post.

My happy sister with her idol. lol.

Overall, I do not find the food here appealing and I do not think I will come back the second time. I guess when customers come to this restaurant it's all because of Jay Chou ain't about the food. Or perhaps, the dishes were served in a Taiwanese style which I do not quite like it. The ambiance of the restaurant is good! Peaceful and quiet. We do not have to wait to be settled down in our seats too. Service was excellent too. :)

That's the end for all jay chou fans out there! If you are really die-hard fans of his, I definitely think you should give his restaurant a visit! :)

See you next time! 


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