Domino's Year-end Appreciation Dinner 2013

Hello! :)

Welcome to Domino's Year-end Appreciation Dinner at Scape ! :)
I am so excited to be here today and part of the Domino's community. This event is proudly organized by Domino's management and and I had to say the show went smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves including me! :)

Besides the prize giving ceremony during this event, we were also introduced to the new cheesy crust by Domino's ! I got to say I simply love it. The crust is crispy and the cheese in it turns out very chewy! yum yum!

Tilt your head and look at the cheese oozing out from the crust. Looking at it now makes me hungry ): Just to let you guys know, all food dishes are baked out from the oven which is very healthy!
Side Dishes

My favourite side dish of all will be the chocolate lava cake! I couldn't resist this everytime I've been to Domino's. It is my must order now. Opps! I will count the calories next time, hehe.

While we were enjoying our food, the prize ceremony begins! 
Thanks to our lovely host that day whom came in sick but wouldn't want to miss out a single session with us. :)
  Congratulations to all winners!

How can one blogger event end up without selfies!~
Here's to my buddy of the day! Met Joycelyn previously at the last Domino's event and am so glad she is here with me today. :)

I meet new friends too. Say Hi to Li Yi! ^^

Joycelyn with the grand winner William ! :)
I enjoyed myself that night and hope to attend more of Domino's event soon! Everyone so nice here. :)
If you haven't tried Domino's pizza yet, you are definitely losing out. With their new gps tracking device you can never lose your pizza again. Besides that, with their delivery policy, you will get a complimentary regular pizza on them if it is beyond 30 minutes!

You can never get hungry with Dominos. :D



Anonymous said…
Hi Joey!

I've been a fan of yours!

Can you blog how you and JY meet? hehe i find you two v sweet!^^

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