Picnic @ Marina Barrage


B had been wanting to have a picnic with just the both of us before he enlist and here we are at Marina Barrage ! The perfect place for picnic.  ♥

Initially, we made plans to cook our own dishes but we thought it would be way too troublesome just for the both of us so we went down to Plaza Singapura for a mini food tour to get all necessities before heading to our final destination.

So here's is what we got:
♥ Tori Q
♥ 4 Fingers (yum yum!)
♥ Snapple

It is not a lot but just enough for the both of us. Hehe.  Oh, and not forgetting the Daiso mat and kites.
$2 ftw!

B getting very excited!
Up, up we go~
We were quite amaze at how strong the Daiso kites were and how high they flew! We got 2 kites by the way.

HAHAHA, this is very funny. I can't help to laugh and think of the wonderful times we spend together. & now you are fighting in field camp. boo.

Before I end off this post, there came a large group of people with cover ups and gloves and they manage to flew a very huge and long kite. My guess is that they are from some kite association. It is amazing to see how they flew the kite. It takes about 5-6 people to control the large kite. Kudos to them!

After that we left for dinner getting ourselves sunburn.
Splendid sunburn I say, at least we really enjoyed ourselves.

Till next time!



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