Nowadays, many new companies have been trying their very best with new marketing tricks to get people interested with their product and service. However, how many actually succeed? Well, I guess the answer lies in how well the revenue rises or for some the brand/company recognition rose.

In my opinion, what is most important for a start-up company will be the reputation and recognition. The 2Rs. Companies have to set up their customer base to get things going.

I guess I have found out the solution for both the entrepreneurs and consumers which can benefit both at the same time!

Presenting to you:

What is is a contest/ giveaway platform that anyone can participate. This platform allows you to win attractive prizes, including cool gadgets, luxurious getaways, spa treatments, games, fashionable apparel, jewellery, retail vouchers and even cash!

There isn't a webpage like Prizle that hosts contests and giveaways for you to participate and win great items from corporation! Personally I feel that it is a win-win situation for both entrepreneurs and consumers! Entrepreneurs can gather their customer base and of course allow more people to know about their product/service. On the other hand, consumers can get something out of it too. Isn't that great!

#successkid You help me , i help you! Let's help each other ! (:

Allow me to introduce you some of the features on the webpage from the Consumer point of view!


In my opinion, being the consumer benefits the most!

  • We can learn to know new products/services/companies which may or may not be beneficial to us now or in the future! The underlying factor is that we have no harm knowing more things. :)
  • Win free stuffs! Free things who don't want! 
  • Earn points by entering contests and exchange for gifts and vouchers.
Does that lure you into the web now?


When you enter the webpage, you will be seeing the home page! I think the home page are well-structured and you wouldn't get lost in here.


Do make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get informed of exciting contests and prizes.


These little icon boxes are contests and prizes you can win ! Don't hesitate and click away!
Hint: I think the "Like us and Win $50 CapitaVouchers" is very interesting!


Let's try the first contest campaign on this page!

Click on the contest and you will be directed to the contest page.
Simply fill up your name, email and like the Facebook page and you are done!
It is that easy and you earn your chance in the contest. Yay!


Also, by joining contests you can earn Prizle points and exchange for vouchers ! Double the benefits!

That's the end of my introduction for the consumer side! Let's hop on to the Business portion!



Head to your profile and click on 'Create Campaign' to start!

Choose the type of contest you want to host. All in just a click, so easy!
There you have it, your preview model of your contest. :) It is so easy that lure me to create mine out of nowhere. hehe.

Prizle is also available on App Store and Google Play. There is no reason for you not to download anymore.

Peek into Prizle on App Store which I like it a lot!

Enough of me, it is your turn to find out more and win yourself some great prizes! :)



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