Taiwan Trip Day 4.2


Today's post will be on the later part of Day 4 of my Taiwan Tour. Apologies for the late update as I am down with fever and hardly had the chance to get to my laptop. I hope I can feel a lot better later and hopefully fully recovered by tomorrow. I haven't feel this bad for quite awhile already and I do not want it either.

Oh, before I proceed on with the post I have a good news! When the news reach me, I was very very happy to the extent of jumping for joy in the office. Will update you guys a bit later about that. For now, let's keep everyone in suspense. hehe.

Taiwan Trip Day 4,
If you havent, we head down to jay chou's resturant to have our lunch before we set off to Tamsui. You can read more about it here: Part 1

We head down to the end of the red line - Tamsui to watch the beautiful sunset by the sea. It was indeed a long journey there but was definitely worth it. Upon reaching the stop, you are greeted by a stretch full of stores before heading to pier. They sell very interesting things that wouldn't bore you anytime.

This ice cream is almost everywhere and it is good! Don't forget to try if you are there.

Let me show you the beautiful scenery at Tamsui.
I am mesmerized.

Isn't it beautiful? The crimson skies makes me wanna stay there till the night falls.
Now, we board the ferry to 码头. The ticket cost 120 TWD per person. It is slightly more expensive than the other place but it is totally worth it.

my tired pimple face. lol.

And after a mere 15 minutes, we are here!
 The brightly lighted bridge named: Lover's Bridge 情人桥 is indeed a beauty. Im not sure about the history behind the bridge but I am sure you guys can goggle it up if you are interested. For lovers traveling to Taiwan why not come by here by the night to take a stroll and think of all the beautiful memories you guys had together. It gonna be memorable one.

Spotted a cute puppy walking along lover bridge too! *socute*

That's it of Day 4.
Day 5 will be coming up really quick as I only have less than 10 photos to show you and also the day we depart for Singapore.

See you soon!


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