ITOH Collagen Review


Collagen drink is super essential especially for us ladies. Who doesn't want clear and smooth skin? Everyone wants, nothing beat to having smooth skin. No matter how good your beauty products are, there is always one step more to conclude the beauty regime.

Women favourite's.

ITOH Collagen is endorsed by Kevin, Taiwan beauty consultant. Those who catch '女人我最大' would know him. 

Personally, I will keep a look out for the certification of the supplement before consuming them. In this case it is certified by the authority. Ladies, you can rest your mind now! 

I love how the powder are filled in small packets. It is convenient and definitely hygienic for me to bring around especially at work and traveling. This is totally fuss free!

ITOH Collagen is

1. Colorless, Tasteless, Non Sugar, Non fat Collagen Powder

2. Contain 3000mg of Collagen per sachets, that can be dissolve to any drink or soup. Can be taken throughout the day. Low Molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the benefits that collagen contributes.

I love that is colourless and tasteless! It wouldn't stop me from adding to my food now.

What will you consume ITOH Collagen with? I will mix them with my soup and most importantly and frequently WATER. 
There is no excuse for me not to have ITOH Collgen anymore. Everyone needs 8 glasses of water daily and with ITOH Collagen, i am more excited to gulp my water now. 

Awaits for the results and smoother skin!


ITOH COLLAGEN $49.90/Box (Available at Guardian)



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