The best of 2013

It is the time of the year and I simply love drafting this post.
It accumulates all the happy moments of 2013 and I could easily track back with this single post. Bravo!
I hope this can be a yearly affair where I can sit back at my arm chair drafting this post out slowly with a cuppa.

Enough said.
Let's go!


It was a busy busy month with Poly's major project. This is definitely sickening and tiring. However, we were so proud to hand in a 400 pages report and our project, WhatsTrade, score an A! Not just that, our project manage to get in to the IT Project Show with only 4 groups per diploma! Claps, claps! We do deserve a pat on our back. Not forgetting the friendship we foster. ♥

And also special thanks to / EKmedia for the reviews opportunities ! ❤️

Heh, I am jingyuan's nephew! So cute and naughty! 

It is the festive month! I love chinese new year. This year was special as I went over to b's house / god-ma house to visit. It was fun and I felt really appreciated. :) 
Oh, I am officially an aunty now. I have two cute niece now:) 


This march I am acquainted with OpenRice Sg for food reviews and tasting! It is fun and I get to try delicious food. Yum yum! You can check out my reviews here:


April was an amazing month. It is the month of our anniversary. Furthermore, it is the first anniversary and it calls for a huge celebration. :)

 This boy of mine love outdoor activities especially thrilling water activities! So, here we are at Adventure Cove! We went on a weekday and cleared all the rides in 3 hours! We had a lot of fun there. :)

Read more at :
The Art of Brick Exhibition at Art Science Museum
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Anniversary trip to S.E.A. Aquarium
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

I also had a short trip to Phuket, Thailand.
It was fun as I tried snokelling in the deep blue sea while my mum and aunty chickened out :x
I have to say things are quite expensive there. 
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4


May was a fantastic month too! We had our polytechnic graduation, b's birthday and we visited many places of interest!

Im so proud of my boy. He attained a certificate of merit in his polytechnic studies. Well done! :)
I learn a lot of useful things in poly and have a lot fun with my class. The best class ever.
Read more:

 @ Tulipmania
This is one of the most beautiful places I've been to in 2013. Despite the crowd, everything was beautiful. Very beautiful.
View all the beautiful flowers here:
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Also, We went to Todai for b's birthday dinner! It was disappointing and expensive. ):

Read more:

And last but not least, happy birthday b!


My birthday month!
I went to Taiwan this month too :)

I always thought it would be fun to go up high and catch a bird's eye view way up from the top. However, the flyer was boring.

Part 1  Part 2 
My birthday presents from b! Happy girl! ^^

Then, it will be my Taiwan trip!
This is my first time to Taiwan and it is really an eyeopener. Taiwanese are very friendly and polite. They have many good food there too. yum yum.

Beautiful sunset at 渔人码头.

Day1  Day2.1  Day2.2  Day3  Day4.1  Day4.2  Day5


I sign up with and am one of their bloggers now! Thanks to them I attended Domino's events and several movie premieres!

Besides that, my school commences in July too. If you do not know, I am studying at SIM under RMIT with the Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I hope I can do well and graduate with a certificate of merit in the end of the course! Work hard! 


This August while mugging for school, b got me addicted to the game 'Battle Camp' in app store. This game allows you to interact with real time players and challenge them to beat their high scores in leader board. A very well planned game but at the same time requires you to spend real cash if you are aiming high. I've decided to quit the game already. It's way taking over my life.

Read more here:

September & October

September & October was similar. School been busy and exams are around the corner. So, all I did was study study and study!


November screams holiday! However, it is also b's enlistment month. ): We had a good time together before his enlistment though!

We went Marina Barage for picnic although it is a little fail. heh.

Read more here:

Besides that, we followed b's parents to malaysia for a day trip too. Very very nice food.

Oh, and another good news to share! I am actually one of SIMGE's blogger now! I am so happy that I got in. Hoping that the photoshoot photos are good cuz I think I mess them up ):


Right after b enlist, I took up part time job at a bank. I am so happy working there as I can have my own lunch kaki after so many jobs. Most of my previous jobs requires shifts which means I can have my group of lunch kaki. Although I only work for a mere 1.5 months, I am very happy to meet this group of friends. They are the ones whom made my work enjoyable.

Christmas! I had a great time with b though he have to book in on Christmas day itself. After that I went to look for my mum and sis and we had a great time shopping!

That's about all. :)
2013 had been great and I hope 2014 will be better!

Before I end the post, let's talk about my blogging milestones. I stayed with this domain (with blogger) for about 3 years and I can say I had been progressively blogging about substantial stuffs mostly about my daily life though. heh. Now, I  can have my own domain! Also, I am on various platforms too. Blogging to me is to record happy moments for me to track back in the future. I hope you guys are happy reading my blog and could find any inspiration here too. :)



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