Tim Ho Wan @ Plaza Singapura

Well, I did join the hype with the hunt of Tim Ho Wan. However, it is not when it first open. The queue was freaking long. I went there a couple of months later and I still have to queue for a frigging 45 minutes. I just need to rant that the seats in the restaurant was uncomfortable. There was no comfort space between each table. 

Oh, I was there with my family and cousin's fam!
The very famous cha shao bun was a great hit. *recommended* i love it! It is a little sweet if compared to those traditional ones.

The congee was good! This is also recommended.

However, I would say a big no-no to the sticky rice. It do smell great but it only taste so so. We were rather full towards the end and sadly we have to abandon the rice for other dishes.


Ah! Here comes the famous dessert which THW is offering. I do not like it but I pretty much think it is a personal  preference for the dessert. It do taste very refreshing though.

Overall, I will not head back to Tim Ho Wan again with the extremely long queue. Would consider without the queue as I love the chao siew bun they are offering. Although many are saying that THW serve affordable price in conjunction with the dishes, I personally do not think so. Perhaps it is because of the high rental where their first flagship store is located. They have further established and open quite a number of outlets in Singapore in 2013. Good for us as the queue will eventually get shorter. According to my mum, the restaurant located at Toa Payoh has the shortest queue. Go try your luck and may you be seated in 15 minutes time. hehe.

Happy 2014 to my beloved readers!
I will blog more often and please keep coming back for more :)

P/s, did you realise I got my own domain too ? :D



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