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Singapore Air Show 2014

Welcome to Singapore Airshow 2014.  The planes were a beauty. My first time seeing so many planes and had the opportunity to go aboard to capture some pictures.   It was just a pity that I did not bring my camera there as i was working. Pardon the image quality. 
I was there as early as 7 a.m. and hardly had any breakfast cuz most of the shops are still closed. However, the management were very nice to allow us to have the buffet catered for delegates. Yum, it was catered from Pan Pacific Hotel too. Definitely one of the best breakfast I had! 
Let's enjoy some of the plane shots I've taken with my phone. If you are there personally, the whole experience will be much more fascinating. 

After the show, I went around with my new work friends to explore the exhibition. 

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Captain Joey speaking. We like to welcome you on-board to Singapore. Flight duration is around 5 hours and we are expecting a fairly smooth flight today. Once again we thank you for cho…

Happy Lunar New Year 2014! 马年!


I am suppose to be fast asleep now but I know I need to update my blog. This week had been packed and I hardly have any time for myself. Do bear with me for awhile and I promise I will keep a balance with everything I have on hand.

I had a marvellous lunar new year. Great time spent with family and relatives and as for some, I only meet them once a year.

New Year's Eve
I love new year's eve where we have our annual steamboat dinner together. In the Chinese belief, it is called the 'tuan yuan fan' which means that everyone come around and have a good meal together. Good food, great company. 
Besides that, I even got a tee from cotton on for new year's eve. -Lucky, such an ideal word for this festive season. I don't mind dressing up for the festive season with the respective vibe colours. I love them and I can't wait to flaunt my outfit. What's most important will still be comfort. 
First day, 初一
I had my first selfie of the lunar new year in the ca…

Happy Lunar New Year 2014

Happy Lunar New Year to my readers!
I know I had not been blogging much lately but just to update what I am doing now. :)
I am currently back to school already with my local lecture starting today. It is also indicating that I have to focus on my studies already. I hope I can do even better than the previous semester. Jia you!

Chinese New Year been great and busy for me! I did not take much photos this year as I left my camera at home. It is too bulky to bring it out already. ): Nevertheless, I had a great celebration. How about you ? Do share with me in the comment box if you want to. :D

I will be blogging up the photos soon. Apparently, the photos on my instagram too. To follow me on the go, I am @joeykayven on most of the platform. This way you couldn't miss me anywhere!

See you again,


GoodskinLab Firm-365 Facial Firming Serum Review


Before I begin, let me wish my readers a very happy lunar new year. May the year prospers and everything goes your way! Bygones be bygones and start everything afresh. It is going to be a great year! :)

Let's start off with GoodskinLab Firm-365 serum to get everything ready! Everyone dislikes saggy skin right, I have no reason to like it too.

• Clinically proven to achieve firmer, younger looking skin
• Noticeably smoothes and sculpts

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• After 8 weeks: 94% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness

Sensory Study Results
• Immediate
o 91% of women noticed skin was moisturised
o 83% of women felt skin looked more healthy

• After 4 Weeks
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