Happy Lunar New Year 2014

Happy Lunar New Year to my readers!
I know I had not been blogging much lately but just to update what I am doing now. :)
I am currently back to school already with my local lecture starting today. It is also indicating that I have to focus on my studies already. I hope I can do even better than the previous semester. Jia you!

Chinese New Year been great and busy for me! I did not take much photos this year as I left my camera at home. It is too bulky to bring it out already. ): Nevertheless, I had a great celebration. How about you ? Do share with me in the comment box if you want to. :D

I will be blogging up the photos soon. Apparently, the photos on my instagram too. To follow me on the go, I am @joeykayven on most of the platform. This way you couldn't miss me anywhere!

See you again,



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