Singapore Air Show 2014

Welcome to Singapore Airshow 2014. 
The planes were a beauty. My first time seeing so many planes and had the opportunity to go aboard to capture some pictures.  
It was just a pity that I did not bring my camera there as i was working. Pardon the image quality. 

I was there as early as 7 a.m. and hardly had any breakfast cuz most of the shops are still closed. However, the management were very nice to allow us to have the buffet catered for delegates. Yum, it was catered from Pan Pacific Hotel too. Definitely one of the best breakfast I had! 

Let's enjoy some of the plane shots I've taken with my phone. If you are there personally, the whole experience will be much more fascinating. 

After the show, I went around with my new work friends to explore the exhibition. 

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Captain Joey speaking. We like to welcome you on-board to Singapore. Flight duration is around 5 hours and we are expecting a fairly smooth flight today. Once again we thank you for choosing to fly with us and we hope you enjoy your flight.



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